Earthworx Associates has been established since 2000 and commenced due to a growing need within the general construction and remodeling field for low disturbance and limited impact excavation services.  Our firm has steadily grown to serve from general contractors and remodelers to homeowners and municipalities.  We offer general excavation and sitework services, demolition, grading, drainage, trucking, sewer and utility services, retaining walls, permit and engineering assistance, and mobile dirt conveyor services.

We are a general contractor within the State of Washington and serving the greater Puget Sound area.  We are fully licensed, bonded and insured .  Our success has grown due to the ever increasing need for excavation services in and around existing structures and the desire to preserve existing landscapes.

We look forward to communicating with you on your upcoming projects.  In addition to the common services associated with excavation, Earthworx Associates also provides prompt communication and service calls, efficient and accurate understanding of your projects, effective problem solving, and fair and competitive pricing.

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licensed    bonded    insured

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